Customer engagement and insight

Are you leveraging your relationship with your customers to build customer loyalty?

Customer engagement is critical to customer loyalty, which, for many, is an increasingly fragile relationship. Engagement goes well beyond customer satisfaction, so Research Solutions has developed a range of products tailored to the individual needs of our clients and their customers:

  • Benchmarking and measurement of customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) overall and at critical points of the customer experience.
  • Identification of the drivers of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (a range of tools are used, including customer journey mapping, behavioural economics and others).
  • Assistance with understanding levels of customer engagement and customer loyalty and the circumstances under which they can be improved or enhanced.
  • Service quality measurement encompasses both product/service measurement and customer service measurement.
  • Analysis of customer loss and opportunities to improve retention rates.
  • KPI benchmarking and measurement.

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