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Bringing clarity to how you view your customer, market or competitor.

Customer engagement and insight

Are you leveraging your relationship with your customers to build customer loyalty?

Stakeholder and community consultation

Are your stakeholders and community strong advocates for your brand / organisation?

Program evaluation

What are the outcomes you use to measure success and how close are you to achieving them?

Branding and communication

Is your brand clearly differentiated and positioned to maximise your opportunities?

Case Studies


With more than 5,000 projects completed to date, we’ve selected just a few examples of our most recent work to give you an idea of how we’ve helped other organisations achieve their objectives.  See our case studies page for more.

Key People

Research Solutions is  a team of highly experienced consultants, each with more than 20 years’ experience buying and designing research projects across most industry sectors.

Research Solutions is recognised as one of the leading market research companies in Perth. Our business is providing clients with the information they need to operate in dynamic environments. We use a range of methods including surveys, video discussions and focus groups in Perth, in regional WA and nationally to provide relevant, up to date market data, consumer insights and opinions, so that you can make decisions with confidence.

We are a full-service agency, and unlike other online market research companies in Perth offer other services such as in-depth interviews in Perth, telephone surveys in Perth and customer satisfaction research in Perth, in addition to all the services which we have outlined above, we also offer:

  • Evaluation research in Perth
  • Strategic market research in Perth
  • Local government research in Perth, and
  • Community consultation in Perth and around WA.

Our team is passionate about providing accurate information for our clients, and with over 20 years’ experience working across most industry sectors, we’re pleased to be considered one of the best market research companies in Perth. We have the capacity and the expertise to work with clients in almost any business sector and can quickly design and implement relevant research programs, including surveys and focus groups in Perth and around the State.

When you use our services, you will be working with a professional and knowledgeable team. Working collaboratively with our clients is something we feel is essential to make certain every project is tailored specifically to your needs. Nobody understands your clients or community the way you do and to get the best information, our team needs to ask the right questions that strike a chord with your audience. Experience and knowledge are vital when it comes to conducting:

  • Community consultation Perth
  • Telephone surveys Perth
  • Customer satisfaction research Perth
  • Evaluation research Perth
  • Strategic market research Perth
  • Local Government research Perth

On our website, you will be able to find more information about the different approaches and techniques that we use. You can discuss your ideas as well as explain what you are looking to achieve with a member of our team. They will be happy to answer any questions which you may have as well as explain alternative strategies which may suit you and your particular industry.

In the ever-increasingly competitive business market, identifying an opportunity to establish or progress your business is only the first step towards launching a successful enterprise. A significant number of businesses fail in their first few years despite promising business models, often as the result of insufficient market research. Great ideas, commitment and dedication, are simply not enough.

Effective market research is a key component of a successful business. At Research Solutions, one of Perth’s leading market research companies, we have the expertise to employ a wide range of research techniques to help you make the right decisions for your business. Each member of our team has over 20 years’ experience in the research industry, and we all operate with the same philosophy; working to the highest ethical and professional standards and valuing honesty, integrity and commitment to our clients, we always go the extra mile.

Market research can be conducted in many ways – and have differing objectives, but the essence of it is to gain insightful information about your customers, your competitors and where your brand fits into the big picture. For entrepreneurs, conducting market research at the very outset can be critical in testing new products and designs and establishing an effective advertising and promotional strategy. Fledgling businesses often need to generate sales to survive the early months, and strategic market research that assists you better in understanding your target market’s needs and expectations can help your business thrive in Perth.

A customer-centric business with good customer satisfaction and high Net Promoter Scores is important to the continuity of your business, and these need to be benchmarked and tracked. Gathering information on what aspects of customer service you do well, where you need to improve, why customers choose your business over the competition, and whether or not they will become loyal repeat customers are all pertinent questions.

Measuring the quality of your service should never be underestimated, and customer satisfaction research has proven to be an invaluable tool for many Perth businesses in their move towards becoming a customer focused business. Approaches include focus groups and in-depth interviews to understand the customer’s perspective on the issues to measure satisfaction and Net promoter score measurement through intercept, telephone and online surveys.

Research Solutions is an expert in community consultation in Perth and regional and rural WA. We thrive on dealing with controversial issues for Local Government, State Government and Planners, and we are IAP2 accredited. We use a range of consultation techniques, including focus groups, workshops, in-depth interviews, pop-ups, consultation pages on your website and online surveys.

At Research Solutions, evaluation research is another of our areas of expertise, measuring the success of programs and campaigns. Here we often use pre- and post-research surveys to measure change before and after the program/ campaign, and sometimes we undertake mid-program/ campaign research so that it can be fine-tuned.

Our experience spans over 25 years and 6,000 case studies across a broad spectrum of business enterprises and State and Local Government research in Perth. We are highly skilled researchers and analysts who collect and analyse strategic information to provide you with meaningful insights and data to make decisions based on the information we gather, focused on helping your business survive and thrive.

Market research is an essential tool in any business. if you are searching for online market research companies in Perth or nationally, or you want a tried and trusted company to conduct in-depth interviews in Perth and Western Australia, then look no further than Research Solutions. You can call us on +61 08 9225 7772, email on nicky@reserachsolution.com.au or contact us directly via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you.

A successful business understands how it is viewed by its customers and potential customers. For many businesses, large and small, the difference between success and failure can be attributed to a lack of awareness and insight as to how the enterprise is viewed by its customers and those sectors of society that may be targeted as customers. Understanding how your business is perceived and how your service is rated is a key factor in ensuring that you are able helps a business to deliver what your customers base wants and expects.

However, In Perth many entrepreneurs fail to understand the benefits that undertake any strategic market research can bring to their business and hence miss out on potential opportunities and become here in Perth and consequently suffer the disadvantages of being disconnected from their potential client base. At Research Solutions , is one of Perth’s the leading online market research companies,. Wwe have a vast experience of conducting customer satisfaction research which can often be undertaken very cost effectively via online market research. and Other types of research we have expertise in includes local government research working for most of the large Band One Local Governments in Perth. from our base in Perth, and our services are available Research Solutions undertakes research in all states of across Australia the whole country and in NZ too.

Our team uses a wide range of research and consultation are fully able to utilise a wide range of information gathering techniques, from in-depth one on one interviews and focus groupsin Perth, to large scale telephone surveys and online surveys; sometimes adopting a mixed mode approach to increase efficiency. or the formation of community-based focus groups – but all with the same objective – to cultivate opinions and perceptions that can assist you in making your business progress to one that demonstrates and benefits from a higher degree of customer focus. All of these are designed to make your business more customer centric and client focused.

Connecting with your customers and community is the key Many innovative enterprises founded on great ideas flounder as they fail to successfully connect with their community and customers – small details really do make the difference.

Reach out to us at Research Solutions and let us help you make the difference to your business.

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