Public end-of-trip facilities from around the world

In 2019 we conducted a research project for the Department of Transport  looking at end of trip facilities for cyclists.  Here are a few examples we found o in other parts of the world.  Enjoy!

The world’s largest bike parking garage

Located  underneath Station Square in Utrecht,  it’s the world’s largest bike parking station.  Designed to hold about 23,000 bikes by the end of 2018, it’s actually five separate parking lots.  Accessible via the Netherland’s transport card, it’s open 24/7 and offers free parking for the first 24 hours.  A digital referral system is under development and will show where the free bays are. (See more)

Utrecht Bicycle Parking Architecture | Image source:

In Sweden  – it’s all about the “citizen cyclist”

Malmö’s Bike and Ride is located at Central Station and is geared toward ordinary commuters.  Opened in 2014, it’s fully integrated with the train station and offers over 1,500 bike parking bays, including a number dedicated to cargo bikes.  Access is free,  24/7 and it’s patrolled by security guards during the day.  Air pumps, lockers and a bike shop are all part of the offer.

For those looking for more security, the facility offers a separate area for about 700 bikes, accessible via chip card, at a cost of around AUD$13 a month.

Plus… “There is even a single shower for the odd “cyclist” who might fancy a spandex ride. Generally, the facility is geared towards the Citizen Cyclist …” (Read more here)

Cargo bikes at Malmö’s Park and Ride | Image source:


Fully automated bike parking in Japan (of course)

The first ECO Cycle station was installed in 2013 – by 2017, there were fifty of the fully automated, underground parking stations around the country.  These parking stations are almost entirely underground which means they’re ideal for urban locations where space is tight.

Fully automatic, storage and retrieval takes about 13 seconds.  Surveillance technology makes sure the bikes are safe and a personal tag ensures that only you can retrieve your bike.  (Read more about the system here)

Cycle2City Brisbane

Located in King George Square, Cycle2City opened in 2008 and is operated by Fit2Work.  Costing from less than $5 per day, it’s a fully-staffed, secure bike storage facility with showers in the city center.  Designed with the commuter cyclist in mind, it provides members with convenience like a fresh towel daily, irons, ironing boards and hair dryers.  Plus, there are a range of extras like a full service, on-site bike workshop and access to a valet laundry and cleaning service. (Visit cycle2city)


Muted lighting, & terrazzo floors with wood-panel and fabric walls

Many cities have guidelines to include bicycle parking in all new developments.  Developers find it’s in their interests to provide high quality integrated EoT facilities into new buildings as a way of attracting tenants.  “High-quality” means exactly that – not only are newer private EoT facilities offering all the infrastructure the commuter cyclist needs, some of them are also offering high-end luxury.

Called  “the best end of trip facilities in Australia” Knight Frank’s building at 101 Collins Street Melbourne offers everything the cyclist might need (state of the art bike racks and a repair station, for example) plus lots of the things that make getting ready for work in your building’s basement an absolute pleasure… (See more)

“Users arrive at a plush reception lounge with hydration stations and can then make their way to the change areas. There they can collect a fresh towel and store belongings in the large lockers, which sit beside individual drying cupboards. After taking a shower, users can access individual fold-down ironing boards or use the individual grooming stations boasting GHD hair straighteners, Parlux hair dryers, and Leif hand soaps.” (source:

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