About Us

We are a strategic market research agency comprising a team of highly experienced consultants, each with more than 20 years’ experience buying and designing research projects across most industry sectors.

Research Solutions is your go-to for strategic, accurate research that is integral to your decision-making.

  • We’ve worked long-term with key organisations in  WA and across most industry sectors.
  • With more than 6,000 studies to our credit, we have the experience and ability to provide you with the insight you need to help identify your opportunities and address your challenges.

We deliver high-quality strategic insights to inform your planning processes and build confidence in decision-making.

  • We use proven research structures that ensure high-quality, reliable information.
  • Our level of detail and scientific approach gives you real information for real results.
  • We’re pragmatic which means we deliver solutions tailored to your needs, circumstances and budget.

We bring clarity about your customer’s point of view

  • We can tell you what your customers and stakeholders are thinking, how they make their decisions and what it means for you.
  • We value your customers as much as you do and recognise each of them as an individual, not a number.  We consider your customer or stakeholder’s perspective in any research approach we suggest.
  • Our work is thorough, looking at a question from all angles.
  • We’re seasoned professionals, strategic thinkers and effective communicators.
  • We deliver results in formats that suit your audience because insights have to be actionable and messages meaningful.

We transform data into real insights and real value for your business

  • We demonstrate a high level of engagement and interest in our clients, their customers and current challenges or projects.
  • We use desktop research, in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys and a range of research models to bring together information and distil key insights.
  • We’re committed to reporting the things that matter, revealing a clear course of action and providing options to achieve your goals.

Research Solutions is Quality Accredited

  • We’re quality accredited under the International Standard ISO 20252 – Market & Social Research.
  • Every member of the research team is a long-standing member of The Research Society and most are Qualified Practicing Market Researchers (QPMR).
  • The company is a member of the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA) and the Australian Evaluation Society.

How can we help you?

  • Whether you’re an experienced buyer and know exactly what you need, are considering research for the first time or just have a question to ask, contact us…. we’re happy to help at no obligation.
  • We offer a full suite of qualitative, quantitative and secondary research services, from tracking studies to focus groups.
  • To learn more about our specialist services,  please visit our services page.
  • Visit our Terms and Conditions for engagement of services.


“I have worked with Research Solutions over many years across a diverse range of industry sectors, most recently in private health with Ramsay Health Care.  Nicky and her team at Research Solutions are very client-focused and knowledgeable in their approach and deliver insightful analysis, recommendations and advice.  They are also a great sounding board when discussing our brand strategy.”

 Annie Palmer, State Marketing Manager, WA, Ramsay Health  

“In partnering with Research Solutions, we found they added valuable expertise and experience that complemented the services we provide to local government.   Their skills in community consultation and engagement, survey design, analysis and reporting are vital for a range of projects including defining and analysing customer feedback in the development of service levels and plans,  reviewing Strategic Community Plans, aligned  KPI monitoring and reporting,  project evaluation and service  budget prioritisation.”  

Helen Hardcastle, Managing Director, Learning Horizons


Our accreditation

WALGA preferred supplier