The challenge

In the midst of significant change in the agricultural supply market, a large WA brand sought to build deeper engagement with its customers. It wanted  understand how changes at the global and local levels impacted the on-farm experience and decision making processes surrounding agricultural inputs.  What did these changes mean for the company and its relationships with customers?  The company needed strategic research to provide a fresh perspective.

Our approach

We undertook an extensive qualitative research program to map farmer journeys from need-recognition to post-purchase decisions.  The program consisted of in-depth interviews, workshops, face-to-face focus groups and online discussions. The “deep dive” also extended to include staff, competitor customers, agricultural advisors and the whole on-farm decision-making team.

We particularly focussed on investigating the motivations of farmers under 35 and the roles of women on farm.  The study also explored the impact of new technologies and changing farm management structures on the decision making process.

The outcome

This study uncovered emerging trends in decision making,  purchasing behaviours, knowledge sources and the drivers of choice.   It enabled the  company to better understand what drives purchases and the influences of other people on farm on the principle decision maker.  It also provided valuable insight into changing attitudes towards agricultural suppliers and the influences that will emerge as the next generation of farmers take over farm management in the future.

Results were widely distributed throughout the organisation and provided direction for targeted marketing campaigns to communicate with a variety of audiences, both now and into the future.