The challenge

Research Solutions was approached by a client looking to launch a new brand in the  second home builder market.  This company had an innovative product offer designed to appeal to Gen Y and Millennials.  It needed research to:

  • “Flesh out” the attributes of the new brand.  How to best position the brand in a crowded market?
  • Investigate responses to the new product offering – an online tool allowing potential buyers to select one of over 300 home designs, personalise it and see the cost in real time.

Research Solutions worked with the client and their Melbourne based marketing consultancy to launch the brand from scratch and track its progress.

Our approach

The project began with desktop research to look at global trends in the housing market.  We held four focus groups with the target market to explore their attitudes to the process of building a home and to home building companies.  These were highly interactive sessions that resulted in developing a brand “manifesto”.  This manifesto clearly outlined what Gen Y and Millennials were looking for in a builder they could trust.

We held another series of focus groups to test the offer:  how did the market respond to the online tool?  What appeal did it hold and how could it be improved?

The outcome

The brand was launched in November that year with a  soft launch into a very depressed market.  Use of the software and enquiries were initially slow leading to some online research to further fine tune the product.  Sales were slow to take off but with the opening of display homes these increased significantly.

Today, sales are well above forecast and are making significant inroads into the customers of major players in the market.

Research Solutions has continued to fine tune the product to ensure it meets customer needs.